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Business for Road Safety 2019-2020- SAIA Bulletin March 2019

In January 2019, the Business for Road Safety Forum (BRS) approved its 2-year strategy which is to be implemented effective 2019. This strategy is in alignment with the South African National Road Safety, and its intended at making a measurable impact within the last 2 years of “the decade of action”.

For years now, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has stated in its annual report that human factors are the biggest cause of road fatalities. With this in mind, the BRS forum made a decision to have the 2-year strategy focus on road safety education across different age groups.

One would then ask on how the BRS forum plans to implement this strategy? And the answer would be the same as that of the question: how do you eat an elephant?…piece by piece. That is, the forum will drive road safety projects one at a time, then introduce a second project which will then run concurrently with the one before. Considering that road safety is not seasonal, the forum agreed that the projects undertaken will not be seasonal but continue to run indefinitely.

The first project to be introduced will be the “sit well” campaign. This is targeted to be launched during the 2019 Easter period and the campaign is aimed at educating the public about the correct safety behaviour of both the driver and passengers, when inside a motor vehicle. This will range from the position of the vehicle seats to passenger etiquette that will minimise driver distractions.

After the successful launch of the “sit well” campaign, the next project that the forum aims to drive is road safety education for kids between the age of 3 – 10 years. The plan is to establish educational programmes in partnership with municipalities who have been experiencing high rate of road fatalities, through the schools in the areas. This project will be a long term one as it aims to nurture kids into safe drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

As stated in the strategy, the forum identified various organisations currently involved in road safety; which will be partnered with depending on the theme of the project.

About the Business for Road Safety Forum:
The Business for Road Safety (BRS) forum is an initiative that was formed by SAIA and other business associations in 2015. The purpose of the forum was to collaborate and develop unified solutions which will prevent road crashes and road fatalities in South Africa.

On formation of the BRS, the forum consisted of the following members:

  • The Automobile Association South Africa (AASA)
  • The Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA)
  • The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA)
  • The Retail Motor Industry (RMI)
  • The Road Freight Association (RFA)
  • The South African Insurance Association (SAIA)
  • The Southern African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA)

For more information contact: Katlego Bolsiek, SAIA Insurance Risks Manager: