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Update on the Financial Intelligence Centre’s proposal to include non-life insurers as Accountable Institutions

The non-life insurance (NLI) delegation of the FIC Working Group, comprises of:

a) SAIA;
b) Financial Intermediaries Association (FIA);
c) South African Underwriting Managers Association (SAUMA); and
d) Insurance Crime Bureau (ICB);

The NLI delegation has confirmed the appointment of Deloitte to conduct the risk assessment on behalf of the non-life insurance industry. Deloitte will host a mobilisation workshop with SAIA members, the FIC, Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) and Prudential Authority (PA) to outline the project strategy and what will be required from members as the project commences.

Members will also be updated on the project in the SAIA Bulletin and as and when necessary by way of SAIA circulars.

For more information contact:
Easvarie Naidoo, Senior Legal Manager