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SAIA Stakeholder Relations and Communication

SAIA has finalised its process of securing a Public Relations Consulting company to help it shape industry perception while also building and improving our stakeholder relations. In concert with our public relations partner, FTI Consulting, we have embarked on a new road which will see us improve the image and reputation of the industry and while also amplifying the impact of the initiatives we undertake on behalf of the short-term insurance sector.

The promotion of the role the short- term insurance industry plays in the sustainability of the economy and jobs can never be downplayed. As an industry, we ensure that consumers, individuals and commercial entities are financially secure. It is this security that draws attractive investments into our country, thus promoting employment and economic growth in line with national government aspirations.

Our focus for 2019 will be to ensure that we continue to build our relationships with all relevant stakeholders, promote and perfect our collaborative approach to challenges faced by both the organisation and our industry.

Stakeholder Relations
One of the approaches we decided on embarking as an association and industry was to improve our stakeholder engagements and communications with our member companies, and with great input from our members, we have created SAIA Champions. These dual ambassadors, of both SAIA and their members, will be the single point of contact effectively distributing information within the member company and into SAIA.

OSIP Platform
We have just completed the revamping of the Osip website and will be launching a new platform version in the middle of November 2018. After a meeting with the FSCA at the end of October, we resolved to rebuild the platform with the input of the regulator.

SAIA Website
The new SAIA website is also in the final testing phases and we look forward to launching it early 2019 with very much streamlined, and fresh content. We envisage that it will go ‘Live’ in the middle of January 2019.

SAIA Champions Web-access
SAIA Champions will be given access to a login area within the new SAIA website enabling them to access new and relevant information on behalf of member companies for redistribution within the member company.

For more information contact:
Kwanele Sibanda, Corporate Affairs Manager