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Insurance Data System (IDS)

The contract with TransUnion, including annexures, has undergone a thorough review and we are now at the point where the revised documents can be circulated to the IDS Steering Committee for comment. The process going forward will allow for a commentary period of two weeks by the IDS Steering Committee, followed by discussions with TransUnion and a planned finalisation date, for sign off by the parties, of 30 August 2018.

The above review included revisiting the original objectives right through to the way forward and immediate priorities. Recent developments include the decision by the SAIA Board to delegate responsibility for strategic leadership of the IDS to the South African Insurance Association NPC (SAIA) Board Committee: Insurance Risks, operational responsibility for the IDS remains with the IDS Steering Committee.

The recent spate of Natis downtime was discussed at a meeting on 18 June 2018, between SAIA and the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), to discuss the proposed updated MOU between SAIA and the RTMC. SAIA was provided with the relevant contact persons names and contact numbers in an attempt to rectify the unacceptable situation and shorten turnaround times when downtime does occur. The above latest contact details have been passed on to TransUnion. SAIA and the RTMC have agreed to a further meeting that will include TransUnion and the ICB with a view to discussing and aligning the RTMC’s proposed legal framework and the MOU between the SAIA and the RTMC. The RTMC confirmed that they preferred working through SAIA, with regard to Natis access, than with individual insurers.

As we move towards the last half of the year it’s important to mention some progress made around some of the key strategic initiatives that the IDS Steerco has been driving from 2017/18 period. Data quality has been a key driver for the industry and working together with our data custodian TransUnion we have been tracking some key data elements that will enable the industry to use good quality data throughout the policy life cycle. As such we have seen a huge improvement in the quality score running at a rolling score of 95% since the massive industry adoption of the initiative.

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