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SAIA appoints new Manager

This position was previously held by Ms Viviene Pearson, now SAIA Manager: Motor.

“Image & Reputation has been a key priority area addressed by the SAIA for the past four years,” says Barry Scott, SAIA Chief Executive, “however, the SAIA Board Committee: Image & Reputation have agreed on a new strategy for 2010.”

“It was important to appoint the right person to manage and implement the Image & Reputation strategy as the key elements will contribute greatly to building a strong reputation for the short term insurance industry and the SAIA in the future. Yvette was appointed into this new position after a thorough high level interview process,” adds Barry.

Ms Francis says, “A tremendous amount of work has gone into developing the Image & Reputation strategy at the SAIA and I look forward to not only bringing this vision to life but also to elevate the profile of the short term insurance industry in the country.”

Yvette is committed to following the collaborative model that the SAIA has always adopted whenever possible to address the various key priorities identified in the Image & Reputation strategy.