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SAIA appoints new manager to address the sustainability of motor insurance

“The sustainability of motor insurance is an important issue for the industry, for South Africans who own motor vehicles as well as for the country at large. It is for this reason that the SAIA Board approved motor insurance as another key priority area to be addressed by the SAIA,” says Barry Scott, SAIA Chief Executive.

“It was important to appoint the right person to manage this new priority area as a matter of urgency as the issues that we face are huge. Viviene Pearson, previously SAIA’s Image and Reputation Manager, was appointed into this new position after a thorough high level interview process. Viviene has achieved various important objectives for the SAIA during the six years she has been with SAIA, and I have no doubt that she will be equal to the enormous task ahead,” he added.

The SAIA Board has approved a strategy developed to enable the SAIA to achieve sustainable and affordable comprehensive vehicle insurance and to contribute to safe road practice. In order to achieve this objective, the SAIA will be embarking on a proactive role in facilitating collaboration across stakeholders that will positively impact affordable comprehensive motor insurance as well as contribute to safe road practice. In addition, the SAIA will need to embed solutions in various focus areas to ensure sustainability of these solutions.

“I look forward to making a difference in this important key priority area, and to add value to the SAIA and the industry in my new capacity,” says Viviene Pearson.

Viviene also emphasizes that the SAIA has always followed a collaborative model whenever possible and that she will continue to use this very effective method to address the various key areas identified in the strategy.