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Insurance industry warns against driving without a valid driver’s license

“Whilst it is acknowledged that there are challenges in the driver’s licence booking system, the SAIA cannot support the statement made by Judge Thulare. It is against the law to drive without a valid driver’s license. Insurance policy terms and conditions support the law of the country, and require that a driver authorised to drive an insured vehicle should hold a valid driver’s licence. The insurance industry will not honour any claims where individuals driving a vehicle are not in possession of the relevant valid driver’s license, as required by the terms and conditions of the policy,” says SAIA spokesperson.

“If a driver is a learner licence holder, the laws pertaining to learner licence drivers should similarly be adhered to,” continues SAIA's spokesperson.

The SAIA urges all motorists on South African roads to do their utmost to abide by the law and to not be tempted to drive without a valid driver’s license. In addition, the SAIA urges the Department of Transport to address the issues around the licensing system as a matter of urgency in order to alleviate any problems.