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The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa

The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) already enjoys the support of SAIA and many short-term insurers and are working to build upon that. Foundations already laid shows good progress and are getting good traction. VESA has been engaging widely with insurers and broker groups and are working on developing a more sustainable risk management process around vehicle security. Many insurers have recognised the need to re-evaluate security implementation on an ongoing basis and discussions are focused on requirements and re-evaluation of security levels.

The insurance industry recognises the value VESA adds to the industry and the very important role it plays in setting and maintaining standards. VESA is a standards body with procedures in place that protects both the consumer and members. The items presently receiving attention with the insurers and broker groups include:

  • VESA’s strategy, 
  • SANS 534 and SANS 535 progress, 
  • VESA Member groups, VESA ABS products in various approval categories and new innovative products, 
  • The importance of using quality and reliable installation centers, technicians and products,
  • Suggested channels monitoring & managing the for request for security upgrades of problem vehicles and much more.

An important positive progress we encountered, is that there now has been much momentum in the changing of insurance policy wordings. Four insurance companies are now again utilising only VESA Installation Centre Members for inspections and new installations and therefore are requesting the VESA Certificate of Compliance for their clients. The VESA brand is again gaining more acceptance and is growing stronger in the market place.

Consumer protection – the right to know

In South Africa the consumers have a tough time establishing the quality and reliability of a tracking product and the related services rendered. If the tracking suppliers are not monitored independently through a non-profit consumer watchdog, such as VESA, this can result in huge costs to the consumer, down the line in damage to vehicle, insurance losses and poor services, or the possible collapse of the tracking supplier. A big concern is that various new players enter in the South African Telematics market and do not comply with statuary requirements, such as ICASA (Communication) Approval and the use of lawful Mapping Licenses.

A consumer (Business or individual) is advised to at least confirm the following when making a tracking selection:-

  • Are provider’s vehicle tracking products tested for compliance against accepted international standards? 
  • Are the installation methods used safe, correct and in line with the VESA installation standards as far as people and vehicle integrity and security are concerned?
  • Does the unit have the ability to do an automated health check, where the consumer is notified the moment the system no longer is operational? 
  • If the consumer phones the tracking company, can he with the right authorisation, request and obtain the position of the vehicle, or alternatively can the consumer do it himself?
  • Can successfull recovery statistics be provided - is this independently audited by a third party?

The consumers needs to know their rights to the use of quality products and services. Non-profit associations can act as consumer watchdogs to fulfill the need to verify that industry role players comply with a minimum standard that protects the consumer.
VESA as a non-profit organisation, was established over 30 years ago, with the aim of providing a monitoring, measurement and support role to the insurance industry and vehicle owners. VESA is continuing toward building and developing this role it can play, to the benefit of insurers and the end users.

For Further Information contact:
Adri Smit, General Manager or 011 315 3588