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The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA)

VESA has informed the short- term insurance industry that for all purposes affecting any vehicle safety and security products and systems and/or the installation thereof, the term “VESA Approved” shall mean compliance with all of the following three requirements:

  • A product which is approved by the Accreditation Bureau for Security & Safety (ABS);
  • An installation by a member of VESA in accordance with the latest VESA specifications;
  • A certificate prescribed and issued by VESA for the current year.

The VESA certificate provides the insurance industry with all the information pertaining to the vehicle, from information gained on a full vehicle inspection (condition, extras, sound) to the full vehicle identification details (VIN, registration, odometer, engine number, vehicle colour, etc.). Once the certificate has been issued after the installation of an ABS Approved Product, the real benefit to the industry kicks in. The certificate is captured by the installer on VESA’s centralised database. Registered insurance brokers have immediate access to the certificate after the client’s vehicle security system has been installed or inspected, for verification.

When stolen vehicle claims are logged with VESA by registered assessors, VESA draws various statistics from the stolen vehicle claims reports. In this way, VESA is able to ascertain high risk vehicles, non-conformance of installers or poor installations quality (in the event where a VESA certificate was previously issued for this vehicle), high risk areas (where numbers of theft/hijack incidents have occurred), etc. based upon the information provided to VESA by its registered users.

The vehicle inspection history on a client’s vehicle is the strongest evidence in the event of vehicle theft claim fraud. VESA proposes that client’s vehicles are inspected by a VESA member at least every 2 years. At such inspections all changes to the condition and status of security of the vehicle are noted and recorded. Should the client have removed or changed any components needed to secure the vehicle, the inspection will indicate that the vehicle no longer complies with the standards as per its initial certification. After all, the installation quality of a vehicle security system would ascertain the effectiveness of the vehicle not being stolen.

What are the benefits of the VESA certificate to the insurer? It provides all the information pertaining to the insured, the condition and extras of the vehicle, etc. It provides the insurer with ease of mind that the manufacturer of the vehicle security device fitted is re-evaluated and its products constantly monitored for quality and durability. VESA Tracking company’s processes, products and control centers are re-evaluated annually as well as recovery rates investigated and compile by VESA on a monthly basis. The access to the VESA database for registered users provides easy down loading for the insurer of client information; the historical VESA certificates on a specific vehicle, plays a vital role to determine any possibility of insurance claim fraud.

For more information contact:
Adri Smit, General Manager