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VESA/ABS - New Electronic Standards

Although factory-fitted vehicle security technology has improved, there are still high numbers of vehicles being stolen in the country, hence the need for additional vehicle security. The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA) and its test house, the Accreditation Bureau for South Africa (ABS), have recently launched new specifications for Electronic Alarm and Immobiliser vehicle security devices. These specifications will provide the consumer with a larger range of VESA Approved* vehicle security devices, which act as supplementary security for:

Vehicles that already have factory-fitted transponder based systems (transponder keys).

Vehicles that are deemed as high-risk even though they have transponder keys but need additional protection against key theft.

Vehicles that don’t have transponder based systems and that are older than 2005. 

These supplementary security standards are explained in detail on the website - ABS - ABS Approved Equipment  Changes occur to the lists of suppliers and products on a regular basis. 

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