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The Business for Road Safety Forum (BRS) encourages road safety ahead of Easter

The BRS is an initiative, which was formed in 2014 by the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) in collaboration with other relevant stakeholder business associations. The objective of the BRS forum is to find sustainable solutions that will reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on our roads. In addition, it seeks to support and applaud the efforts of the South African government, especially the Department of Transport in addressing road safety issues, particularly those aligned with international campaigns such as the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011 – 2020.The BRS forum believes that collaboration with other stakeholders and the implementation of a holistic strategy, would make a difference in improving road safety in South Africa.

The Easter holiday messages from BRS members are unanimous. Viviene Pearson, SAIA Chief Executives says, “We call on all road users to be careful and vigilant on our roads ahead of the Easter weekend. All motorists and pedestrians should be considerate and ensure their own safety and that of their family as well as other road users.”

The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) suggests the following to ensure your vehicle reaches your destination safely:

  • Take a close look at your tyres: they need to have good tread and are inflated correctly,
  • When it comes to your brakes, ensure they brakes work perfectly,
  • Your lights and indicators are just as important – make sure they are all working,

Be alert and treat your fellow road users with respect and be courteous while driving. Remain alert at all times and take a break from driving if you feel tired.

Mr David Harpur, The Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA) Chief Executive adds, “The IISA calls on all drivers on South African roads to adhere to the present rules of the road in regard to travel speed, stopping at red robots and stop streets, overtaking across solid white lines, overtaking up blind rises and switching lanes without due signal warnings. Just these actions will considerably reduce our horrific accident rates.”

The Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA) encourages ‘Road Safety with a Smile’ for the Easter Holidays. BACSA says “We take this opportunity to wish all road users a safe Easter holiday; as well as remind you that we all have a role to play in promoting road safety. Take cognisance of the safety measures published herein and feel free to share these tips with other road users.

Make your journey part of your vacation and drive defensively. Rather give other drivers opportunity than claiming the road for yourself. Think for the other driver, and drive to arrive. This way we may all be able to enjoy another Easter in 2018 rather than slowly sinking away in the oblivion of family memories”.

Adding its voice is The Retail Motor Industry (RMI) with great advise:

The road user has a responsibility to themselves, their passengers and other road users to ensure at all times that they (whether driving, a car, a truck, or a bus):

  • Ensure you y are well rested,
  • Make sure you remain fully alert,
  • Prepare the vehicle to ensure roadworthiness and safety on the road.

The confidence of setting off on your journey to fun in the sun can be enhanced by having your vehicle checked by an RMI accredited member.

Together if everyone makes the effort, to follow the basic rules of the road when traveling we will all reach our destinations safely.

Trying to be a few minutes quicker, but never reaching your destination is not in anyone's interests. Travel safely to and from your well-earned holiday break, don’t become a statistic.

“Make the effort, it's your life too,” says Hedley Judd, Associational Director at RMI

The BRS wishes all road users a safe and happy Easter. These BRS business associations include:

  1. The South African Insurance Association (SAIA)
  2. The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa  (NAAMSA)
  3. The South African Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (SAVRALA)
  4. The Road Freight Association (RFA)
  5. The Insurance Institute of South Africa (IISA)
  6. The Business Against Crime South Africa (BACSA)
  7. The Retail Motor Industry (RMI)
  8. The Automobile Association (AA)
  9. The South African Petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA)
  10. The Financial Intermediary Association (FIA)