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The Motor Vehicle Security Association of South Africa (VESA)

For 29 years, VESA lived with the hope that it will save the insurance industry millions of rands by providing quality vehicle security devices for their policy holders. VESA saved Mr. Policy holder thousands of rands by providing him a VESA Certificate when he thought there was no such available. VESA saved Underwriters A-Z millions of rands by ensuring that unworthy products not be approved by the VESA test house (ABS) because the product originally tested was either unsafe to use, or that it claimed to provide a service which it couldn’t. This in turn saved Mr. Vehicle Manufacturer millions of rands on preventing warrantees from being breached.

With VESA being incorporated into short-term insurance policies, the insurer is protected by not having to pay out a vehicle theft claim, should the insured’s vehicle not have met with the criteria of being fitted with a “VESA Approved” vehicle security device.

How does VESA benefit you and me?

  • Humanly we expect that when we purchase a (or any) product that conforms to certain standards as set by an accredited standards body or regulatory institute. In the vehicle security industry, not all offered vehicle security devices are approved or meets these standards.
  • VESA supports the industry as non-profit organisation, representing its members through the test and approval of telematics and other vehicle security products such as alarm/immobilisers, gearlocks, wheel locks, microdotting and much more. VESA has tested vehicle security devices that not only perform well in South Africa but also on an international level. Its manufacturing members are proud to provide consumers with vehicle security devices that not only manage and reduce security risks but also help manage safety risks.
  • The installers are benefiting by providing the assurance to their clients that the vehicle security devices installed, are quality products, driven by the requirements the manufacturer is expected to implement to be a VESA member and also having to be re-evaluated and audited on an annual basis by VESA and ABS.
  • The insurance industry benefits largely from having the ease of mind that when they include “VESA Approved Security Device” into their policy wording, that the vehicle security device fitted to the client’s vehicle, is approved and tested, the manufacturers are re-evaluated annually for consistency and viability and that the installers who provide the installations services are trained and monitored for consistent quality installations.

The VESA Certificate is used as proof of the installation, confirmation of the vehicle’s existence and confirm the condition and extras fitted in the vehicle at time of inspection. The historical database of issued VESA Certificates remains the insurer’s strongest evidence in the event of vehicle theft crime.

By supporting VESA you will ensure that VESA remains the assurance to the insurer, the consumer and the South African vehicle security industry.

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