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IUMI Conference 2018 Sponsorship Event

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) Annual International Conference 2018 Sponsorship Event

IUMI Annual International Conference 2018 – Cape Town
The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) Annual International Conference will for the first time in its 148 year history be hosted on African soil. This will be in the beautiful city of Cape Town in 2018. The honour of hosting this prestigious four-day conference was awarded to the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) and its division Association of Marine Underwriters of South Africa (AMUSA), with the approval of the SAIA Board.

About IUMI
IUMI is a professional body, which is run by and for its members. It represents national and international marine insurers and considers issues of interest to the worldwide marine insurance industry. IUMI was established in 1870, and maintains a worldwide communication network. It is a platform from which views and ideas on matters of marine insurance and reinsurance are disseminated to all interested parties, which also include the shipping industry, surveyors and international law offices.

IUMI’s primary objective is "To present, safeguard and develop insurers' interests in marine and transport insurance". It advances the interests of marine insurance business by facilitating co-operation between national markets, disseminating information relating to marine insurance and marine technology and also by promoting co-operation with other international governmental and non-governmental marine organisations and associations.

Showcasing SA Marine Insurance Industry
The SAIA embraces the opportunity to host the IUMI 2018 Conference and to showcase the South African marine insurance industry as well as South Africa, to the global market. This event will expose the local market to the international marine world and will be an excellent chance to network in a truly global sense. The conference attracts between 500 - 750 delegates each year with a further third added to this number as accompanying partners.

IUMI 2018 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities
The IUMI conference is the world’s biggest international marine insurance forum and therefore provides a prestigious sponsorship opportunity. The South African marine insurance industry is invited to take up sponsorship and exhibition opportunities that have been made available for the 2018 IUMI Conference in Cape Town. A sponsorship event will be held on Tuesday, 29 November 2016 at the Johannesburg Country Club in Auckland Park, to give the local marine insurance industry more insight on the opportunities and to obtain further information about the conference and available sponsorship packages.

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