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Insurance Risks Update

Business for Road Safety (BRS) Forum

Following the Business for Road Safety (BRS) Forum meeting on 13 May 2016 with the Senior Director: Road Safety from the Department of Transport (DoT), the BRS was invited to a DoT workshop on 28 July 2016.

The objective of the workshop was to identify projects that Business Associations (and their members) could assist the DoT in the implementation of road safety related projects.

The following government agencies were in attendance and provided presentations on current projects and initiatives:

  • The Cross Border Road Transport Agency (CBRTA),
  • The Road Accident Fund (RAF), the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC), 
  • Railway Safety Regulator (RSR), 
  • South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL)

It was agreed that the DoT will make all the presentations available to the BRS Forum for discussions on how the private sector could contribute to these projects, thereby contributing to road safety.

The SAIA will arrange a workshop with the BRS members of the Forum in order to discuss how as Business Associations we could support the DoT in terms of road safety.

Development of Salvage Database

The Salvage Database Governance Committee had its first meeting and focussed on the completion of a Service Level Agreement (SLA), to be signed between each member company and the SAICB.

Following the committee meeting, the SLA document was sent to motor members for final comments. The document will now be sent to the SAIA Board for approval.

The Committee has also planned follow up meetings to discuss and finalise the roles and responsibilities of the Governance Committee with regards to accessing of data by outside stakeholders and to agree to the ongoing management costs of the system.

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