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Regular Monitoring of VESA Members Ensures Quality Installations

“In a recent website survey, workmanship and integrity of mechanics and installers in South Africa were questioned.”

For the past 29 years, VESA has successfully performed its role through constantly ensuring that vehicle security product and installation standards are maintained high amongst the VESA members. Once again VESA has received positive feedback from the public in respect of the random vehicle inspections that the VESA technical inspectors have been doing, aimed at identifying poor quality installations and correcting them in the fitment of vehicle security devices. This service is free of charge and available to all insurance clients who are in possession of a VESA Certificate for their security device. These continuous random inspections have proven to be a success in creating awareness of the role and function provided by VESA to both the general public and insured market.

We commend VESA’s professional technical inspectors across the country that have proven their value in ensuring high quality VESA Certified installations to the benefit of the consumer.

Why clients should consider utilising VESA installation centers:

  • Regularly evaluated and visited by VESA Technical Inspectors to ensure compliance.
  • Technical staff is fully trained and are registered on the VESA database.
  • VESA specifications training courses are available every month to technical staff.
  • Stringent specifications regarding the use of correct tools and installation techniques and workmanship are implemented and monitored.
  • More stringent disciplinary action against VESA members have been implemented and applied over the years, of which a lot of members have lost their membership due to non-compliance.
  • Only VESA members can issue VESA Certificates for insurance purposes.
  • Insurance company and clients policy number gets captured on the VESA Certificate.
  • Only VESA members can offer you the Mobility Club services. These services include: roadside assistance, emergency response facilitation, keyfind vehicle key recovery services and much more.

The insurance industry benefits largely from having the ease of mind that when they include “VESA Approved Security Device” into their policy wording, that the vehicle security device fitted to the client’s vehicle, is approved and tested. Another benefit is that the manufacturers are re-evaluated annually for consistency and viability and installers who provide the installations services are also trained and monitored for consistent quality installations.

The VESA Certificate is used as proof of the installation, confirms the vehicle’s existence and confirms the condition and extras fitted in the vehicle at time of inspection. The historical database of issued VESA Certificates remains the insurer’s most reliable evidence of vehicle and security fitment statuses, in the event of vehicle theft crime.

How to obtain VESA members information:

  • Contact the VESA offices
  • View VESA approved installers under 
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