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Consumer Education Update

 Next of Next Week- Season 3

Work on season three of the popular Next of Next Week (NONW) edutainment comedy series is currently underway. The new season will be a six part, 24 minute sitcom to be aired on national television. NONW 3 will still feature our two main characters – Innocent and Kanana - as well as many of the other main characters that were in the first two seasons, but will pick up from the end of season two which saw our heroes start their own business. A full length sitcom will increase the viewership of the show and allow audiences to develop deeper connections with both the characters and the messaging of the show.

Next of Next Week – Industrial Theatre

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the lessons contained in the television show through direct interaction with people within the defined target market, we will be holding industrial theatre shows throughout the country in 2016. The shows will be made of live comedy sketches based on scenarios played out in the television series. After each sketch, the MC as well as the industry experts will unpack the issues dealt with in that specific sketch and give the audience members an opportunity to ask questions. The entire show will be concluded with an open question and answer session.

Mathematical Literacy classes through Managing My Finances

The 2016 project is well underway for the next round of the Managing My Finances project. The rollout of the 46 teacher workshops will commence at the beginning of February. We are extending the resource to all districts that have not previously received it, and to provide a version in Afrikaans. The Afrikaans version will be developed for Grades 10, 11 and 12 (as is done for the English version).
Through this project 6,200 files containing a combined 18,600 books of teacher resource material will be delivered to schools throughout the country. To date we have produced and delivered 90,000 teacher resources for Mathematical Literacy teachers to use in the classroom, with an estimated 720,000 learners being reached.

For more information contact Leila Moonda, GM Governance and Transformation: