South African Insurance Association

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Andy Tennick: African Reinsurance Corporation (South Africa)

Andy Tennick - Andy Tennick

Andy Tennick

African Reinsurance Corporation (South Africa)

Anton Ossip: CEO Discovery Insure Ltd.

Anton Ossip - Anton Ossip

Anton Ossip

Discovery Insure Ltd.

Cedric Masondo: Sasria SOC Limited

Cedric Masondo - Cedric Masondo

Cedric Masondo

Sasria SOC Limited

Charles Nortje: Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Limited

Charles Nortje - Charles Nortje

Charles Nortje

Credit Guarantee Insurance Corporation of Africa Limited

Charles Hitchcock served on the SAIA board for a number of years. He is the Chief Operations Officer at the SAIA.

Charles Hitchcock -  Charles Hitchcock

Charles Hitchcock

The South African Insurance Association

Danie Mathee : CEO Outsurance Insurance Co. Ltd.

Danie Mathee - Danie Mathee

Danie Mathee

Outsurance Insurance Co.Ltd

Edwyn O'Neill: Bryte Insurance Company Limited

Edwyn O'Neill - Edwyn O'Neill

Edwyn O'Neill

Bryte Insurance Company Limited

Gary Jack: Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited

Gary Jack - Gary Jack

Gary Jack

Chubb Insurance South Africa Limited

Hannes Wilken: Old Mutual Insure Limited

Hannes Wilken - Hannes Wilken

Hannes Wilken

Old Mutual Insure Limited

Herman Schoeman: MD Guardrisk Insurance Co. Ltd.

Herman Schoeman - Herman Schoeman

Herman Schoeman

Guardrisk Insurance Co. Ltd.

Jacqueline Kilani: CEO Escap SOC Limited

Jacqueline Kilani - Jacqueline Kilani

Jacqueline Kilani

Escap SOC Limited

Lizé Lambrechts: Chairperson of the SAIA Board

Lizé Lambrechts - Lizé Lambrechts

Lizé Lambrechts

Santam Ltd.

Maniki Rakgalakane: Land Bank Insurance

Maniki Rakgalakane - Maniki Rakgalakane

Maniki Rakgalakane

Land Bank Insurance

Nico Conradie: CEO of Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Limited

Nico Conradie - Nico Conradie

Nico Conradie

Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa Limited

Nolwandle Mbalo : Standard Insurance Limited

Dr Nolwandle Mbalo - Nolwandle Mbalo

Dr Nolwandle Mbalo

Standard Insurance Limited

Robyn Farrell:Auto & General Insurance Company Limited

Robyn Farrell - Robyn Farrell

Robyn Farrell

Auto & General Insurance Company Limited

Simon Phage: Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited

Simon Phage - Simon Phage

Simon Phage

Oakhurst Insurance Company Limited

Viviene served on the SAIA board. She is the Chief Executive at the SAIA

Viviene Pearson - Viviene Pearson

Viviene Pearson

The South African Insurance Association

Volker Von Widdern: CEO Constantia Insurance Co. Ltd.

Volker von Widdern - Volker von Widdern

Volker von Widdern

Constantia Insurance Co. Ltd.

Walter Marte: Nedgroup Insurance Company Limited

Walter Marte - Walter Marte

Walter Marte

Nedgroup Insurance Company Limited

Willem Lategan : Hollard Insurance Company Limited

Willem Lategan - Willem Lategan

Willem Lategan

Hollard Insurance Company Limited

Wayne Abraham: AIG South Africa Ltd.

Wayne Abraham - Wayne Abraham

Wayne Abraham

AIG South Africa Ltd.